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The latest VisitScotland campaign is a hit! —you can’t beat Shetland Ponies in cardigan sweaters

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I’ve written about clever British Television ads and ranted about Super Bowls ads that backfired but here’s an ad campaign from the folks at VisitScotland for 2103 Year of Natural Scotland that I ADORE. Bottom line—it’s all about branding and I stand with the ponies!  I want to visit Scotland, wrap myself in natural fibers and see these wee Shetland ponies in their native surroundings, roaming over the heather clad hillsides of the Shetland Isles.

The photographer is Rob McDougall and these adorable Scottish ambassadors—Fivla and Vitamin— are purebred Shetland ponies from the Thordale Shetland Stud Centre.  They stand about 42 inches high and are wearing cardigans made of Shetland wool created for them by Shetland knitter Doreen Brown, of Shetland Collection.   Posing in these plush winter woollies against a backdrop of breathtaking Scottish landscapes, the duo have become international stars.

Here’s a YouTube video of the two getting dressed.

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